Your happiness has a quantifiable formula that you can use to find your ultimate love relationship

Happiness in relationships can seem elusive. Most of us have experienced the heartbreak and disappointment of bad dates, fights, lies, affairs and failed marriages. While the overwhelming majority of adults strongly desire a successful relationship, they simultaneously fear a failed one. This dichotomy keeps us looking for the ultimate love and causes us to make choices that keep it from us.

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You can find a love relationship that begins happily and stays delightful forever. If you have been single for years or are recently divorced and dating, you can become confident and happy in your dating life. You can learn what is sabotaging your love life and turn things around in your favor.

The key that opens the magic kingdom of love is your commitment to yourself. Committing to really understanding who you are apart from the relationships in your life allows you to be a chooser, rather than waiting to be chosen. This, in turn, gives you confidence in the choices you make. And it will help you spot potential relationships that may be attractive but will lead you straight to heartache.

Profound inner joy comes from sharing the moment as deeply as you can possibly go with another being. It comes from the freedom to be your own unique self in the relationship, not getting lost in the other, nor them becoming lost in you. There is a deeper experience of the sexual layer of relationships that comes from connecting to the Divine in each other. You have the freedom to discover who you are and who you want to become. You’re always helping each other grow and communicate in ways that enhance understanding. Together, you are in conscious communion, within and without.

Are you ready to find the love of your life?
Whether you are divorced or single, if you are prepared to find out who you are, understand how you show up in relationships, and identify your unique relationship happiness “formula,” you are ready to find the love of your life.

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